On Feb 10 and 11, we camped out in Castle Peak, across Hwy 80 from Boreal Ridge Ski Resort.

The idea was to learn to adapt search skills to the snow enviroment. The weather cooperated a little too well with over 3 feet of snow in a 24 hour period.

As you can see our tents were pretty well buried by the time we finished setting them up.

Any attempt at cooking was aggravating at best, futile at worst. (one stove quit working when the fuel line froze)

At least the heavy snow cover offered some insulating on the tents.

At last morning..

Bret wonders how he's going to pack up the tent.

Camera was fogged up it was so cold

Cleaning out the tent, the tent froze to the poles and the poles froze together.

What do you mean we can't go home yet?

Jim is having way too much fun here

It took 12 of us about an hour and a half to dig out these three cars

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