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Hi, this is my personal webpage

Here are some pages for my kids, Gabe, and another of Gabe, and Gabe and Alex. Including one of our summer 2000 trip to South Dakota

One of my hobbies is my volunteer time with Search and Rescue (Needs work)

For those of you into geocaching (see here's the spoiler on one I placed. Sorry no pictures.

For Weight Loss Testimony - I started on the Herbalife diet system on Tues Apr 3 2001, you can track my progress here

The cynical part of me says a Eulogy is nothing more than one persons attempt to make other people feel sorry for him/her through a speech about a loved one. Well even if noone else cares - here is a "Eulogy for a cat"

(Petaluma Vineyard Feb 12 2001)
Yes, we do get snow once in a while here in Sonoma County

For all thosw twitter fanatics out there - don't know how long I will keep this up or how often I will update it, but here we go...

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My resume in Microsft word format
(HTML version coming soon)
To send a SM message to my cell phone you can go here. Use with care please!

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